Life in Haarlem

Studying in Haarlem and the Amsterdam region

Haarlem is a city of remarkable history, featuring great culture, cafés, shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Its own vibrant pulse, created by historic waterways, cobbled streets and ancient buildings provides unadulterated inspiration and first-rate entertainment!

Even though there is plenty to see and do in the city of Haarlem itself - we shouldn't forget to highlight the peculiarity of its location.

Looking beyond the end of the plate, the capital of the Netherlands - AMSTERDAM - can be reached within an 11 minute train ride up to 148 times per day and gives access to iconic landmarks, deep culture and beautiful sceneries.

At the same time Haarlem is the perfect location for everyone who needs fresh air, a change of perspective and to refuel new energy and creativity: Two of the most famous beaches of the Netherlands (Zandvoort & Bloemendaal) are easily reachable by bike or within a 25 minute bus ride from Haarlem City Center.

Hence studying in the mind-blowing Cupola in Haarlem will not only offer you an extraordinary living & study experience - the city and its surrounding holds numerous adventures while guiding you to the roots of Dutch culture.

Explore the opportunity of a lifetime and expand your boundaries! 

Campus life at its best - Study in Haarlem

Our Campus in Haarlem is located in a former Cupola Prison that has been transformed into a modern and cutting edge ecosystem. The building is functioning as a multi-purpose centre for education, arts, culture and contemporary entrepreneurship.

Thus our Campus in Haarlem is far more than just a combination of learning, working and living : Haarlem Campus represents a community, offering plenty of space for cooperation and exchange.

PS: Unlike most university in the Netherlands we are able to provide the best remedy for the Dutch housing crisis:

Once the student housing at Haarlem Campus is completed you will get the chance to get accommodation on our beautiful and secured university campus. The newly build student apartments will be home to students of mixed ages, nationalities and cultures and a unique opportunity to meet new friends and become part of our vibrant community.

Discover our three Bachelor Programs and take the opportunity to learn, live, eat and connect at one place!