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B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science)Business Management

Studiengebühren 4.500 € pro Semester

Discounts available:
- 3% for annual payment
- 5% for full payment

Anmeldegebühr 1.000 € einmalig
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Business Management Bachelor of Science
- CORE – international study program –

In our Bachelor Business Management programme, you learn to research and successfully solve real-life problems. Instructors present actual case studies, ensuring that course content is highly relevant. You will gain insights from modern practice, because our Bachelor in Business Management has been designed with representatives from industry, commerce and the service sector. Thanks to our CORE-Principle, you are the focus, because we have made it our task to promote your individual talent. That’s why you learn across disciplines and also develop your key social skills.

In order to intensively address your interests, you have the opportunity to choose an area of specialization for your studies. The following electives are available for you:
- Business Management
- Digital Marketing
- Digital Business
- Innovation and Start-Up
- Sustainable Business
- International Business
- Sports Management

Please select your elective shortly before you submit your application.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us: +4923819291121


1. Semester 30CP
- Business concept
- The market
- Service provision

2. Semester 30CP
- Marketing
- Operational business planing
- From theory to praxis

3. Semester 30CP
- Legal concept
- Computer science
- Company organisation

4. Semester 30CP
- Finanzwirtschaftliche Planung I
- Finanzwirtschaftliche Planung II
- Best Practice

5. Semester 30CP
- Unternehmensführung
- International Business
- Finanzmanagement & Wirtschaftspsychologie

6. Semester 30CP
- Practical experience
- Bachelor thesis


Our innovative approach that pays off

Business enterprises are always looking for professionals with a special qualification profile. With your Bachelor in Business Management, you are well positioned, as it is a broad field of work with various specialisation and further training options. Depending on your interest, your special skills, your liking for an industry or your own initiative, you can support companies in all necessary matters. Whether in technical matters, management methods, team leadership, presentations or delegating and managing management levels – with our practice-oriented business studies programme, You have good chances in the professional world.

- Human resources
- IT and engineering
- Health, social services and care
- Controlling and accounting
- Marketing, sales and media
- Logistics and trade

With your Bachelor in Business Management you will be qualified to take on responsibility for business management tasks, including providing support for all levels of corporate management and assuming a managerial function. You will be able to independently carry out technical tasks and master management techniques and will also be an effective team player, able to collaborate and lead.

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