Life in Rhineland


Leverkusen is a colourful city with many faces. It offers you everything that makes a good place to study. Here you have the prospect of a good, long-term job and a relaxed life during and after your studies. Leverkusen has an industrial character and has achieved international fame with its world-renowned label from the pharmaceutical industry. Leverkusen is a city with a high recreational value with a lot of green space on the foothills of the Bergisches Land and with the banks of the Rhine to the north.

In Leverkusen, innovative small and medium enterprise (SMEs) meet powerful large-scale industry. In addition to the global players from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, innovative SMEs also make up Leverkusen's economic profile. These are strongly represented in the automotive supplier sector, plastics and metal processing, as well as in the future-oriented sectors of innovative materials, health care and environmental technology. The Rhineland metropolitan region is home to 11 cities and 12 districts with a population of around 8.5 million in a region with ten chambers and associations of trade, industry and commerce.

In Leverkusen, not only is the inviting Carl Duisberg Park with its Japanese garden inviting, but above all the numerous sports and leisure facilities as well as bars, clubs and shopping centres provide the right balance from everyday student life. Cologne is about 10 minutes away by train. Düsseldorf is also only about 20 minutes away, so you can reach the entire Rhineland thanks to this ideal connection. Leverkusen, located between the student metropolises of Cologne and Düsseldorf, is a city that offers countless opportunities to enjoy your free time alongside your studies. You can take a deep breath in the idyllic nature of the neighbouring Bergisches Land.