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B.Sc.Dental Hygienist

Tuition fee €650 per month
Registration fee €450 one-time
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Programme structure

With us, you study in the full-time study model, but in the typical block structure of our university. This allows you to continue working in your practice, while the attendance times are compressed into blocks. This makes it possible for you to combine your studies ideally with your professional activities and your private requirements.

Your studies are based on three pillars. The first pillar comprises a one-week attendance phase per month at our university at the Rhineland Campus in Leverkusen. The second pillar is based on the practical transfer at your employer or your practice partner. Finally, the third pillar comprises the self-study phase. With this innovative, practice-integrated study model, we can offer you a very good balance between your studies, professional activities and family, despite full-time study.

If you already have relevant work experience in this field, you can shorten your studies to 2 years / 4 semesters. You will then enter directly into the 3rd semester. We would be happy to check this possibility at any time on the basis of your application documents. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Career opportunities

Possible fields of employment for our graduates:

The fields of application of a dental hygienist can be very diverse and include the following areas of responsibility, in which you can make a significant contribution to healthier dental hygiene with your extensive expertise. These are also described by the German Society of Dental Hygienists (DGDH)

  • Support for oral hygiene deficits
  • Health, nutrition and oral hygiene counseling
  • Clarification of dental hard and soft tissue damages
  • Professional teeth cleaning (PZR)
  • Accompanying systematic periodontal treatment, especially pre- and post-treatment / recall
  • Guarantee of a quality-assuring and demand-oriented preventive treatment

In addition, the degree offers you the opportunity to complete a master’s degree program. This ultimately opens up the possibility of a doctorate and an academic career.

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Not available for applying at the moment