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M.Sc.Mental Health and Psychological Therapy

Tuition fee €550 per month
Registration fee €450 one-time
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The demands on our mental health at work and in our private lives are enormous, and mental illnesses have been on the rise for years. Statistically, every second to third person in Germany is now affected by a mental illness in the course of his or her life. At the same time, mental disorders often have serious consequences – for the individual, but also for society. Most efforts, however, focus on restoring mental health after an illness. Consideration of how to preserve and promote this, our most precious asset, in advance is not yet established in many people’s minds. In contrast, our master’s program does not focus solely on treating mental disorders; rather, it focuses on maintaining and promoting our mental health.

Therefore, during your studies, we will show you how to promote and strengthen people’s mental health from the very beginning. Therefore, the master’s program includes not only an in-depth study of basic psychological disciplines, but also predominantly practice-oriented modules in clinical psychology and methods of counseling and psychotherapy. Strengthening mental health, for example, plays an important role in workplace health promotion, but also in many other areas of application. So let’s start exploring the human psyche together.

Programme structure

With us, you study in a full-time study model and benefit from the practical experience that our professors and lecturers bring with them and pass on to you within the framework of application-oriented teaching. Thus, role plays, case studies and first contacts with patients are integrated into the teaching. In addition, the internship in the last semester allows you to directly enter the working world, to build important networks, and thus to secure ideal starting conditions for your career entry.

Career opportunities

Your possible fields of work:

After completing your studies, a wide variety of career opportunities are open to you. You can choose to specialize in mental health, psychotherapy or methodology. At the same time, you can pursue an academic career and a doctorate, which you can take up after completing your master’s degree.

Focus on mental health
  • Psychological counseling in independent or state-run counseling centers (e.g. family and educational counseling, school counseling, couples counseling)
  • School psychological service
  • Coaching offers
  • Personnel department of companies
  • Vocational training centers
  • Company health management
  • Work for health insurance companies and public administration institutions
  • Psychological counseling services according to the Heilpraktikergesetz (stress management, life and crisis counseling)
Focus on psychotherapy
  • Work as a psychological psychotherapist for children and adolescents (after postgraduate training) in own practice (admission in combination with our B. Sc. Health Psychology/Psychology of a university of applied sciences or university B. Sc. Psychology in Thuringia)
  • Work as a neuropsychologist, systemic therapist or consultant, hypnotherapist, talk therapist (after postgraduate training) independently or in clinics
  • Work as a psychologist in rehabilitation (certificate rehabilitation psychologist according to BDP together with bachelor study health psychology)
  • Work as a psychologist in the acute care of mentally ill people
  • Work as a psychologist in institutions of correctional facilities incl. Maßregelvollzug (correctional facilities for the treatment of psychologically disturbed persons)
  • Work as a psychologist in facilities for addiction aid, child and youth aid
Focus on methods
  • Expert witness in court proceedings, work as legal psychologist (after postgraduate training)
  • Possibility of doctorate and scientific career
Apply now! Winter semester 2023/24
Application deadline
30 Sept 2023, 23:59:59
Central European Time
Studies commence
1 Oct 2023
Apply now! Winter semester 2023/24
Application deadline
30 Sept 2023, 23:59:59
Central European Time
Studies commence
1 Oct 2023