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Despite its appearance, psychology is much more than “just” Freud or psychotherapy. It deals with phenomena from all areas of interpersonal life and is applied in the world of work, education, politics, the stock market and trade. These and other fields of application are naturally also reflected in the individual modules of your bachelor’s degree. In this way, we open up a wide range of perspectives and thus a wide range of career opportunities in the field of psychology.

Throughout your studies, we will provide you with a scientifically sound basic education in psychological contexts. The focus on clinical psychology, health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation reflects the expertise of our health university in this field and makes you an expert for mentally strong people.

Career opportunities

Your job opportunities in professional practice could not be more diverse with a psychology degree. Psychological diagnostics, counseling activities, psychoeducation, health education and health counseling as well as coaching, support in coping with the consequences of accidents and illnesses, stress prevention as well as the development and strengthening of resources are just some of your possible fields of application. Through the inclusion of the application areas of work and organizational psychology as well as educational psychology and the focus on a solid methodological training, further perspectives arise for you, for example in workplace health promotion, personnel work and development, market research as well as in the development and strengthening of resources. -development, market research as well as in the implementation of training and further education.

Our experience and networking within the SRH University Network show that a large proportion of psychology students go on to study for a Master’s degree. The Bachelor’s program is structured according to the guidelines of the German Psychological Society (DGP), so that a high degree of compatibility with Master’s programs in psychology is guaranteed.

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Not available for applying at the moment