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B. Sc.Physician Assistant

Tuition fee €550 per month
Registration fee €450 one-time
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Programme structure

You study with us in a full-time study model, but in a block structure typical for our university. This means that you complete a five-day attendance phase per month at the university. The remaining time is available for the practical transfer at your employer or practice partner as well as for your self-study. This means that your studies can be ideally combined with your professional activities and your private requirements. In addition to these phases, you also have enough time for self-study phases to consolidate your newly acquired knowledge.

Our goal with this innovative, practice-integrated study model is to enable you to combine your studies, professional activities and family very well despite full-time study.

Career opportunities

After completing your bachelor’s degree, a wide variety of career paths are open to you. On the orders of the doctors, you will take on both organizational and patient-related activities and deal with administrative and documentation tasks. This means that your day-to-day professional life will include a wide range of possible assignments in a wide variety of areas.

Possible fields of employment for our graduates:

  • Operative subjects such as surgery
  • Conservative subjects such as internal medicine
  • emergency room
  • anesthesia
  • intensive care medicine
  • Functional diagnostics
  • Other areas of specialist medicine
  • Family medicine

For further professional development and career advancement, our health college offers advanced master’s degree programs after you earn your bachelor’s degree in Physician Assistant. This opens up the opportunity for you to pursue a doctorate, allowing you to embark on the path of an academic career.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment