Tuition fee €5,700 per semester
Application fee €1,000 one-time
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You develop your strategic thinking skills at the interface between innovation management, brand strategy and the management of creative processes. You will not only learn to understand social and technological innovation, but also to think about it holistically and shape it for the future.

To this end you will immerse yourself in methods and theories of corporate and brand management, design thinking, social design, transformation design, system thinking and critical thinking.

You learn user-centred research, focused synthesis and systematic idea development. You will deal with creativity techniques, business models, sustainability and intercultural communication.

Soft skills such as presentation skills and the development of your personal leadership style are specifically promoted through specially designed teaching units. The teaching of methods of scientific work creates the basis for writing a Master’s thesis in the fourth semester of the programme.

Programme structure



  • Strategic Design Introduction | Strategic Design Mindset, Methodology and Tools, Innovation Strategies, Design Thinking, Project Management and Agile/Lean Principles
  • Strategic Design Research | Human Centered/Qualitative Research, Participatory Design Strategies and Ethnography, Systems Thinking, Data Driven/Quantitative Research
  • Strategic Design Synthesis | Analysis and Synthesis Frameworks, Data Analytics, Strategic Information Design and Graphic Recording
  • Content Management | Documentation and Writing Skills, Methodology Toolbox, Individual Mentoring and Peer Evaluation
  • Theory I | Brand and Personality I, Sustainability I, Trends and Future Technologies, Media Ethics I
  • Strategic Design Profession and Best Practice I | Intercultural Communication, Alumni and Expert Talks, Guided Excursions to Strategic Design-Related Exhibition/Events


  • Strategic Design Creation | Creation Tools and Methods, Brand Identity, Critical and Speculative Design, Future Studies
  • Strategic Design Realisation | Analogue and Digital Design Development Tools, Digital Prototyping, Design Prototyping, Design Testing
  • Strategic Design Implementation | Change Management, Transformation Design, Implementation Strategies, Storytelling and Presentation Skills
  • Publication | Publication Skills, Individual Mentoring and Peer Evaluation
  • Theory II | Sociology, Media Ethics II, Brand and Personality II
  • Strategic Design Profession and Best Practice II | Creative Industries and Innovation Organizations: Guided Visits/Exhibition/ Events/Excursions, Business Modelling, Entrepreneurship/Start-Up Thinking


  • Purpose Driven Innovation: Intro and Research | Service Design, Experience Design, Game Design Strategy, Qualitative and Quantitative Research II
  • Purpose Driven Innovation: Synthesis and Creation | Analysis and Synthesis Frameworks II, Data Analytics II, Systems Thinking II, Strategic Information Design II, Creation Tools and Methods II
  • Purpose Driven Innovation: Realisation | Design Prototyping and Testing II, Business Modelling II, Storytelling and Presentation Skills II
  • Strategic Design Manifesto and Portfolio | Strategic Design Manifesto, Portfolio, Exhibition Design, Individual Mentoring
  • Theory III | Scientific Writing and Context, Sustainability II, Subject Exploration for Master’s Thesis
  • Strategic Design Profession and Best Practice III | Creative Leadership and Conflict Management, Student Led Integrated Workshops and Moderation, Alumni and Expert Talks


  • Master’s Thesis | Master’s Thesis, Master’s Colloquium and Individual Coaching

Career opportunities

More than ever before, companies, institutions and startups alike are realising that brand management and shaping a strategic brand identity are key to gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage.

The demand for specialists in design and brand management, as well as, creative direction is accordingly high. Service design and experience design are also popular occupations for strategic designers and alumni of our programme.

Another professional field constantly growing in popularity for strategic designers is innovation management. Driving innovation in enterprises, institutions and startups is increasingly being led and moderated by strategically-trained designers, as they can connect creative and strategic processes. Strategic designers can be found in many strategy departments of large companies.

With an internationally recognised Master of Arts (M.A.) degree and the diploma supplement, the programme meets the EU requirements of the Socrates/ECTS programme.

Apply now! Winter semester 2024/25
This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.
Studies commence
1 Oct 2024
Apply now! Winter semester 2024/25
This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.
Studies commence
1 Oct 2024