Studying and living in Germany & The Netherlands


In recent studies compiled by the OECD      and      Germany was deemed the no. 1 study destination for international students in Europe and the 3rd most attractive study destination among OECD countries.

Why is Germany the perfect study location?

  • High quality tertiary education system
  • German university degrees are highly respected by employers around the world
  • Large amount of study programmes in English
  • Moderate living costs
  • Shortage of skilled professionals and low unemployment rate for university graduates
  • Graduates from German universities are eligible to apply for an 18-month residence permit that allows them to find a job in Germany after their graduation
  • Safe country with low crime rates

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Did you know? The educational system in the Netherlands is among the most reputed in the world.

Indeed, Dutch universities are acknowledged worldwide for their well-designed, modern courses and innovative teaching methods, affordable living expenses as well as internationally recognized degrees. Other than that, the country scores with excellent opportunities for travel and its open and tolerant culture.