Life in Muenster


The city of Münster is a globally recognized university and educational location and is also considered a city worth living in worldwide. But not only the city has its advantages, also the study at our new SRH Campus Münster can shine with its special features.

It is known as one of the ten largest university cities in Germany, and its bicycle-friendly cityscape has also made it famous as a bicycle city - Münster, the center of Münsterland. Of 315,000 inhabitants, there are approximately 66,000 students. In addition to attractive courses of study, the city also offers numerous leisure options in the areas of art, sports, culture and gastronomy. In this dream city you can now start your dream studies with us!

Der SRH Campus in Münster hat optimale Studienbedingungen und bietet dir durch Orte der Entspannung und die zahlreichen Freizeit- und Sportmöglichkeiten eine perfekte Study-Life-Balance.