Life in Heidelberg

Studying and living in Heidelberg: 

SRH University Heidelberg is situated in the Rhein-Neckar region: Our green campus is located directly on the river Neckar and found in one of Germany's prettiest cities. Heidelberg Castle is the landmark of the city - you should definitely check it out! 

As one in five residents of Heidelberg is a student, there is a multitude of bars, bistros, coffeehouses, and cultural meeting points in the Old Town of Heidelberg. And you shouldn't miss the main events: 

  • Castle Illumination: In memory of the destruction of the Heidelberg Castle by the French General Melac and his troops over 300 years ago, the castle walls turn blood red and brilliant fireworks are launched from the Old Bridge. The castle illumination takes place several times a year and starts after dusk.
  • Old Town Autumn Festival takes place at the end of September, and the whole pedestrian zone of Heidelberg turns into one big party with lots of music, a medieval market, an art and crafts market, and a flea market.

  • Heidelberg Christmas Market starts at the end of November and ends two or one days before Christmas Eve. Over 140 stalls all over the Old Town of Heidelberg spread the spirit of Christmas.