Why choose SRH Universities?

We are SRH Universities, state-accredited universities that focus on hands-on projects in small groups, an individual learning experience, and mentoring by lecturers with real business experience.

Why study at one of SRH campuses (Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Heidelberg, Hamm, Rheinland, Münster)?

  • All our courses are designed according to our CORE principle, our innovative academic approach. The curriculum is divided into 5-week blocks and is taught in small groups. During the 5 weeks, students deal with a specific topic while working in teams and receiving personal support from their lecturers.
  • Students study with classmates from all over the world, learn more about global perspectives and have the chance to think outside the box.
  • Thanks to our integrated projects and internships, students gain plenty of hands-on experience and get to strengthen the skills that employers are looking for, such as communication, intercultural or leadership skills.
  • Our professors and lecturers do not only have a solid academic background, they also have experience outside of academia with many years of professional experience in their field.
  • Our campuses offer spacious rooms, open and creative spaces as well as state-of-the-art equipment. Our students benefit from high-end sound, photo, film and design studios and digital workstations.
  • Our services, such as our Career Service, our Start-up Lab (Berlin) or our lab facilities help students achieve their goals and support them on their journey by offering workshops, helping them launch their own company or providing a space to train their technical skills.