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B.Sc.Supply Chain Management

Tuition fee €4,500 per semester

Discounts available:
- 3% for annual payment
- 5% for full payment

Registration fee €1,000 one-time
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Supply Chain Management Bachelor of Science
- CORENRW-Semesterticket – international study program –

In our Bachelor course in Supply Chain Management you will learn to analyse business and IT processes and to plan, control and manage new ones. During your studies, you will acquire important personal skills as well as the subject-specific expertise required for a process-oriented approach to global value creation chains. You focus on management, logistics processes as well as logistics information systems in and for logistics-relevant areas of industrial, trade and logistics service companies. Professional supply chain management in companies reduces costs, brings optimised results in less time and improves customer satisfaction.

In order to intensively address your interests, you have the opportunity to choose an area of specialization for your studies. The following electives are available for you:
- Supply Chain Management
- Digital Logistics
- Lean Logistics
- Reverse Logistics
- Sustainable Logistics

Please select your elective shortly before you submit your application.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us: +4923819291121

Programme structure

1. Semester 30CP
- Business concept
- The market
- Service provision

2. Semester 30CP
- Marketing
- Operational business planing
- From theory to praxis

3. Semester 30CP
- Legal concept
- Computer science
- Company organisation

4. Semester 30CP
- Process design
- Process execution
- Best Practice

5. Semester 30CP
- Designing internal value creation
- Designing external value creation
- Further development

6. Semester 30CP
- Practical experience
- Bachelor thesis

Career opportunities

Our innovative approach that pays off

Today, in the world of logistics, it is no longer just products or companies that are in competition, it is more about value chains or value networks. And here comes you as a professional supply chain manager, who helps companies to reduce costs, optimize results and efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction. There is a great demand in today’s labour market for supply chain managers. At our University you develop interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of strategic logistics management, supply chain operation, international management, process design and management, and big data, while at the same time you enhancing your personal skills. Of course, in addition to a career in the professional world of supply chain management, you can also aim for a doctorate.

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Not available for applying at the moment